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Address: No. 21, Wuchun 5th Rd., Wuku Industrial Dist., Wuku Hsiang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 248

Tel: 886-2-2299-6477

Fax: 886-2-2299-6340

Email: prosprise@mail.antung.com.tw

Website: oem.prosprise.com

Products & services:
Manifolds, Exhaust Pipe, Auto Parts, Industrial Machinery Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Valves and Pipes & Building and Water Service Parts, Aerospace Parts, Stapler Parts & Pump And Air Compressor Parts, Ball Joint, Crank Shaft, Track Pad, Gear Blank, Segment Teeth, Steering Knuckle, Connecting Rod, Various Valves, Special Screw & Bolt, Electronics Parts, All Sorts of Hardware Parts, Precision Metal Component, Computer Parts & Telecom Parts, Vehicle Spare Parts, Motorcycle Spare Parts, Industrial Parts, Car or Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Sand Casting, Die Casting, Precision Investment Casting, Steel Casting, Iron Casting, Grey Casting Iron, Large Steel Casting, Spheroid Graphite Iron, Brass, Parts, Rod, Crank, Arm, Joint, Valve, Lever, Connector, Flange, Parts, Aluminum Parts, Pipe, Gear, Buckle, Bracket, Hot Forging, Cold Forging, Warm Forging, Shaft, CNC Machining, Big Machining Parts, Drilling, Knurling, Threading, End Milling, Slab Milling, Face Milling, Polishing, Tapping, Burnishing, Flange, Stamping, Bending, Piercing, Fine Blanking, Deep Drawing, Various Type of Welding & Tube Bending and Forming

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