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Address: No. 199-9, Liou-Tz-Li, Liou-Hsiang Village, Shweishang Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan 608

Tel: 886-5-236-1313

Fax: 886-5-285-8009

Email: chianchi1313@gmail.com

Website: www.chian-chi.com

Products & services:
Chia Chi, Machine Parts, Bathroom Equipment & Accessories, Building-Related Tools, Moldings, Garden Hoses Accessories, Mixer, Round Hopper With Vibrating Motor Mouvt, Accessories, Waterproofing & Fireproofing Engineering, Wall-reinforcing Engineering, Door/Window Sealing Engineering, Wet-process Engineering, Shotcreting Machine, Feeder, Grouting Equipment, Blasting Machine, Blender, Galvanized Iron Blender, Blender Hopper, Hopper, Execution Scheme Drawing, Vibration Sand Shaker, Conveyor, Corner Molding, Tile Molding, Moldings for Pillars, Laminated Boards, and Ditches, Stone Wall-use Dividing Moldings, Plastic Moldings for Dividing Cut Stones, Roof Edge-use Water-stopping Molding, Putty-use Molding, Plastic Washed Rubber Stones and Grinding Rubber Stones, Cement-grouting Gun, 360° Automatic Sprayers, Buckles for Pipe Connection

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