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Address: No. 2, Lane 59, Shatien Rd., Sec. 6, Shanchiao Borough, Lungching Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 434

Tel: 886-4-2635-2087

Fax: 886-4-2635-2088

Email: phenixs@ms12.hinet.net

Website: www.phenixs.com.tw

Products & services:
Expert in Manufacturing a Wide Range of Tools, Building Hardware, Plastic & Stationery Products, Plastic Band Packing Tools & Metal Clips, Steel Band Packing Tools, Plastic Strapping Band, Palmtop Tape Stands, Water Guns, Grease Gun Tools, Mouths, Electric Welding Tools, Strapping Tools/Accessories, Garde Tool, Steel Flat Keys for Machinery, Greose Nipples for Machinery, Hose Clamps, Building-Use Water-Stopping Porting Adapters, Air Duster & Engine Cleaning Gun Blow Wind Machine, Curtain Hocks, Drawer Pulls, Drawer Knobs, Door Stopper Sponge Trowel, Trowel, Fastening Machine, t Rib Washer, Welding Mask, Earth Clamp & Electro Holder, Flint Lighter, Through Needle, Flower Cutter, Water Gun, Roller Chain Detacher, Grease Gun Tool, Key, Key Ring, Key Box, Key Tag, Hand Carton Stapler Machine, Air Carton Stapler Machine, Carton Staples, Air Tool, Building Tools, Electric Tools, Stationery Appliance, Electric Grease, Guns and Parts, Pusher Jacks, Pattern-plate Pusher Jack, Flooring Pusher Jack

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