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Address: No.60, Ln. 523, Sec. 3, Zhongzheng Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 717, Taiwan

Tel: 886-6-272-5000

Fax: 886-6-207-1000

Email: info@tzungyuan.com.tw

Website: www.tzungyuan.com.tw

Products & services:
Our Balancer is Specially-Designed for Dynamic Balance Detection and Correction of Wheels, Fly Wheels, Gears, Emery Wheels, Clutches, Fan Blades, Ceiling Fans, Suction Fans, Pump Blades, Other Rotating Disk-Type Units, and Corrections Can Be Made Quickly With a Paired Drilling Machine, Microcomputerized Vertical Balancing Machine, Standard Microcomputer-Controlled Vertical Balancing Machine, Fully-automatic Five-robotic-arm Processing & Balancing Machine, Cutters, Motors (for Small Home Appliances), Brake Disks, Pumps, Fans, Microcomputerized Balancing Machines Whole Plant Equipment, Two-Section-type Dynamic Balance for Auto Universal Joint, Digital Micro-computerized Dynamic Balancing Machine, Digital Microcomputer-Controlled Vertical Balancing Machine, Vector scope Type Dynamic Balancing Machine, Micro Control Balancing Machine, Vertical Type Balancing Machine, The Value and Angle of Detected Unbalances is Clearly Indicated on a Vector Scope, Corrections Can Be Made Quickly With a Paired Drilling Machine, High-Seed Revolving Clay (within R.P.M 30000), Extra-High Rotational Speed Clay/ Putty, Clay for Balance of machines with Extra-High Rotational Speed, Balancing Clay

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