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Address: 210 Tongkuang Rd., Taichung, Taiwan 401

Tel: 886-4-2233-6018

Fax: 886-4-2235-8915

Email: unison@ms4.hinet.net

Website: www.uecwd.com

Products & services:
High Frequency Transformers, Audio Transformers, Power Transformers and Choke Coils, Electronic Ballast and Electronic Transformer, Inductor Chock Coil, Neon Power Supply, Coils & Inductors, Commutators/adapters, Voltage Stabilizers., Charger for iPod / MP3 Player, Charger for Power Tool, USB Cable for iPod, DC/DC Converter, Switching Power Supply, AC/DC Adapter, HID Ballast, Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp, LED Driver, DC Lighting/DC Electronic Ballast/Inverter, OEM / ODM products are Welcome, Electronic Components Auto-insertion, Electronic Production Assembly, Battery & Charger Assembly

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