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Address: No. 27, Lane 115, Yuanchuan Rd., Yuantan Borough, Yuanlin Town, Changhua County, Taiwan 510

Tel: 886-4-836-9705 (Rep.)

Fax: 886-4-836-9915

Email: wianjia@ms24.hinet.net

Website: www.wianjia.com

Products & services:
Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine, Spoke Making Machine, Nipple Making Machine, Pin Pressing Machine, Nipple Heading Machine, Bicycle Machine, Steel Forming Machine, Aluminum Forming Machine, Bicycle Rim Machine, Steel Rim Punching Machine, Aluminum Rim Punching Machine, Valve Manufacturing Equipment, Roller Chain Equipment, Alloy Rim Spoke Hole Drilling Machine, Double Wall Drilling Machine, Auto Punching Machine, Rim Hole Punching Machine, Spoke Tapering Machines, Bicycle/Motor/Auto Parts, Straightening Machines, Cutting Machines, Heading Machine, Drilling/Boring Machine, Special-Purpose Machines for the Processing and Repair of Automotive Parts, Laser Drilling Machines, Edge Banding Machines, Seam Formers, Multi-Blade Lap-slicing Machines, Double-end Miter Saws, Circular Sawing Machines, CNC Drilling & Tapping Machines

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