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Address: No.1, Jingke 3rd Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 408

Tel: 886-4-2358-8178

Fax: 886-4-2358-3555

Email: oncque@oncque.com.tw

Website: www.oncque.com

Products & services:
Portable Multi Power Source with Functions of Power Supplies, Battery Boosters and Battery Chargers, Electronic Components, Electronic Parts, Push-button Switch, LED Indicator, Lamp Indicator, Photo Interruters, Roll Ball Switch, Auto Accessories, Camping Goods, Power Source, Vacuum Container, Roll Ball Switches, Push-Button Switches, Vibration Switches, Flashlights, LEDS, Neon Bulbs/Tubes, Phototransistors, Fush-Holders, Vibration Switches for Anti-theft Devices, Indicators, Photo Interrupters, Fuse Holder, Proximity Switches, Door Card-Key Readers, Lamp Holder, Anti-Theft Switches, Car Heater and Cooler Fan, CCTV System, Computer Outlet, Computer Services, Anti-theft Swithches, Lamp Indicators, Indicator, Epoxy Led Bulb, Bulb, Money Check Light, Smart Light for Car, Tilt Sensor Switch, Vibration Sensor Switch, Opical Sensor Switch, Rotation Sensor Switch

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