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Automotive relays, flashers, voltage regulators etc.

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Neyn Chin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Automotive relays, flashers, voltage regulators etc.

Established in 1985, the ISO 9001-certified Neyn Chin Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a versatile maker of aftermarket (AM) automotive electrical parts, being one of the largest players in Taiwan with strong technical strength.

The product line includes wide ranging automotive relays, flashers, voltage regulators, crank-angle sensors, as well as motorcycle and watercraft parts. The company has also begun to turn out electronic ignition modules since receiving many years ago technical support from the government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute.

With experienced workforce of some 30 technicians who uphold quality and assure meeting specifications, the company employs advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machines, projectors in production.

Design, tooling, plastic injecting, quality control, and even packaging are all done in-house at Neyn Chin to ensure high quality and solid reputation as reliable OEM and ODM for American and European customers. The maker claims its integrated, reliable production achieves top quality and short lead time.

"Taiwanese auto parts suppliers have always used advanced technology and production process to keek at bay underselling competitors from China and Southeast Asia," says chairman Wang Wen-neng.

In recent years, the maker has also ventured into development, production of high-end electronic parts for 350cc-and-bigger motorcycles.

Aggressively trying to explore foreign markets, Wang believes that his company will eventually become a vital auto parts player globally.

To counter fierce underselling from China, Wang says Taiwanese auto-electronics makers have to go upmarket to offer high-precision, fine-quality products, which call for local makers to upgrade expertise and train personnel in various fields from manufacturing to marketing. (QL)

Contact info.:
Address: 324 Yahsing St., Mahsing Village, Hsiushui Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 504
Tel: 886-4-761-5907, 761-5909
Fax: 886-4-762-0909
Email: neynchin@ms66.hinet.net
website: www.neynchin.com.tw

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