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China Economic News Service 2015.04
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Step 2: Select what kind of products you want to import from Taiwan:
Assembled Vehicles + 
Motorcycle Scooter
ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) UTV (Utility All Terrain Vehicle)
Buggy(Racing Buggy) Go-Kart
Golf Car Mini Car
E-scooter E-motorcycle
Electric Vehicles Others
Powersports Engines & Parts + 
Engines Engine Parts
Carburetors Valves
Connecting Rods Pistons / Piston Rings
Crankcase Covers Cylinders
Crank Shafts Crank Pins
Cooling Systems & Parts Oil Seals
Air Filters Oil Filters
Filter Elements Oil Pumps
Frames & Parts Performance Parts
Bolts & Nuts for Powersports
Powersports Suspension Systems & Parts + 
Front Forks Shock Absorbers
Swing Arms
Powersports Transmission Systems & Parts + 
CVT Systems & Parts Gears
Clutches & Parts Clutch Pads
Powersports Steering Systems & Parts + 
Steering Handlebars / Throttle Grips / Handle Parts
Powersports Brake Systems & Parts + 
Brake Discs Brake Pads & Shoes
Brake Linings Brake Hoses
Brake Calipers
Powersports Exhaust Systems & Parts + 
Exhaust Pipes Mufflers
Muffler Tips
Powersports Body Parts + 
Body Parts
Powersports Mirrors + 
Powersports Lamps + 
Headlamps Tail Lamps
Signal Lamps LED Lamps
Lamp Bulbs
Powersports Wheels & Tires + 
Wheel Rims Wheel-rim Bolts
Wheel Hubs Inner Tubes
Rubber Tires ATV Tires
Forged and Cast Parts
Powersports Electrical Parts + 
Electronics Chains
Wire Harnesses Switches
Combination Switches Starter Motors
Ignition Coils Alternators
Solenoids Lead-acid Batteries
Powersports General Accessories + 
Entertainment Communication
Security Systems & Locks Alarm Systems / Locks
Navigation Motorcycle Seats
Performance Accessories Other Accessories
Powersports Riding Accessories + 
Helmets Visors
Apparels Gloves
Bags Hats
Powersports Others + 
Molds & Dies Metal Parts
Rubber Parts Plastic Parts
Chemicals Other Motorcycle Parts
E-Vehicle Parts + 
DC Motors Motor Parts
Power Control Units Battery Packs
Lithium-ion Power Cells Chargers
Battery Testers Battery Checkers
Powersports Tools and Repair Equipment + 
Hand Tools Special Tools
Jacks Motorcycle Tire Changers
Repair Equipment Garage Floor Mats
ATV Ramps Trailers
Powersports Manufacturing Equipment + 
Manufacturing Equipment
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