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Machinery for Processing Plastics + 
Plastic Extruders Plastic Laminating Machines
Co-extrusion Machines Plastic Forming Machines
Coating Machines PVC Profile Extrusion Machines
Plastic Monofilament Making Machines Plastic Bag Making Machines
PP/PE Woven Bag Circular Looms Plastic Vacuum-forming Machines
Inflation Tubular Film-making Machines Screws for Plastic Processing Machinery
Flat Yarn Making Machines Plastic Sheet & Film Calendering Machines
Plastic Sheet Making Machines Soft & Rigid Plastic Pipe Making Machines
Soft & Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Machines Foam Net Making Machines
Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Machines PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machines
Magic-Seal Plastic Bag Making Machines PVC Shrink Pipe & Tube Making Machines
Plastic Net-Bag Making Machines Blister Wrap Making Machines
Acrylic Plate Making Machines PVC Window and Door Extrusion Machines
PVC Venetian Blind Extrusion Machines PVC Wall Board Working Machines
PVC Tubular Shrinkage Film Making Machines Circular Looms
Plastic Injection Molding Machines Horizontal Injection Molding Machines
Vertical Injection Molding Machines Other Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Robots for Plastic Processing Machines Multi-Station Plastic Injection Molding Machines
2-Color Plastic Injection Molding Machines Machines for Bakelite, Urea & Melamine
CNC Plastic Injection Molding Machines Injection Molding Machines for Rubber
Automatic EVA Injection Molding Machines Rear-Stage Extruders
Twin Screw Extruders Plastic Injection Molding Machines for PET Preforms
PET Stretch-blow-molding Machines Injection & Stretch Blow-Molding Machines
Injection Blow Molding Machines Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
Plastic Blow-molding Machines Other Blow-molding Machines
Plastic Mixers Crushers
Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Machines Recycling & Reproducing Equipment
Other Plastic Processing Machines Polyurethane Foam Making Machines
Plastic Foam Making Machines Expandable Polystyrene Molding Machines
PU Foam Dispensing Machines Plastic Leather Reproduction Equipment
Preprocessing & Recycling Machines and Equipment Ultrasonic Plastic-Processing Machinery
Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines Hot Plate Plastic Welders
High-Frequency Plastic Welding Machines Hot Forming Presses
Compression Molding Machines Transfer Molding Machines
Plastic Slitting & Rewinding Machines Plastic Straw Making Machines
Plastic Laminated Tube Filling & Ultrasonic Sealing Machines Plastic Welding Machines
Plastic Finishing Machines Testing and Measuring Equipment
Other Auxiliary Equipment Embossing Rollers
Parts for Plastic Processing Machinery Raw Plastic Materials
Plastic Processing Molds Extrusion Dies
Injection Molds Blow Molds
Dryers for Bulk Materials Process Control Equipment
Materials and Products Colorants, Pigments and Dyes
Additives and Fillers PET Sheet Extruders
Polystyrene (EPS) Recycling Machines Aluminum Tube Making Machines
Mold Temperature controllers Plastics Planers
Powerful Friction Washers Rope Making Machinery
Rubber Processing Machinery + 
Tire Machines Rubber Extruders
Rubber Injection Molding Machines Rolling Mills for Rubber Processing
Intensive Mixers for Rubber Rubber Cutters
Vulcanizers for Rubber Rubber Calenders
Other Rubber Processing Machines Parts for Rubber Processing Machines
Rubber Processing Molds Tire Molds
Rubber Hot-forming Presses Batch-Off Machines For Rubber Compound
Tube Making Machines Rubber Hose Making Machines
Rubber Belt Making Machines Rubber Shoe Making Machines
Rubber Ball Making Machines Tire Repair Machines
Crackers & Cutting Machines for Scrap Rubber Tire Testing Machines
Waste Tire Recycling Machines Cold-Feed Pin Bellow Extruders for Rubber Tires
Auto Cold-Feed Extruders Stock Blenders
Tread Cooling & Winding Machines Bead Wire Insulator Application Machinery
Hot Presses for Repairing Tire Surfaces Automatic Rubber-Glove Making Machines
Silicon Injection Molding Machines Vacuum Type Hydraulic Molding Machines
Hydraulic Molding Machines Liquid Silicon Rubber Injection Molding Machines
Deburring Machines for Rubber/Plastic
Packaging Machinery + 
Auto Cartoning Machines Strapping Machines
Cardboard Box Sealing Machines Bag Sealing Machines (Sealing Machines)
Marking and Labeling Machines Crowners (Capping Machines)
Capsule Filling Machines Adhesive Tape Making Machines
Overwrapping Machines Skin Wrapping Machines
Blister Packing & Strip Packing Machines Cardboard Box Sealing Machines
Heat Sealers Capping Machines
Can Seaming Machines Hydraulic Baling Presses
Bottle Washers Cap Seal Applicating Machines
Label Applicating Machines Stretch-film/PE-film Rewinders
Automatic Cutting Machines Center-sealing & Gusseting Machines
Sealing & Cutting Machines Laminating Machines
Slitting and Rewinding Machines Piece-Cutting Machines
Double-side-sealing Machines Heat-Sealing and Slitting Machines
Auto Center-sealing and Gusseting Bag-making Machines Auto Three-side-sealing Bag Making Machines
Auto Heat-sealing, Slitting & Bottom-cutting Bag-making Machines Sterilizers
Testers Bale Opening Machines
Automatic Quantifying, Filling & Packaging Machines Loose-goods Filling & Counting Machines
Collapsible Tube Automatic Filling and Sealing Machines Liquid Filling & Packing Machines
Paste Filling & Packing Machines Powder Filling & Packing Machines
Pillow-type-packaging Machines Gas Filling & Packing Machines
Pneumatic Packing Presses Auto-formed Pouch Sealing Machine
Automatic Weighing & Filling Machines Case Washers
Skin-packaging Machines Automatic Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine
Aluminun Foil Rewinders Label Removers
Vacuum Packing Machines Solid Product-automatic Packaging Machines
Plastic-shell Packing Machines Paper Napkin Auto-sealing/Packing Machines
Auto Stretch-wrapping Machines Roll-type Paper Towel Making and Packing Machines
PVC/PE Shrink Film Wrapping Machines Formed Cup/Box Auto Filling, Sealing & Packing Machines
Fully Automatic L-type Sealing and Shrink-packaging Machines Automatic Cup-/Bowl-type Instant Noodle Packing Machines
Auto Liquid Filling, Capping and Packing Machines Wound Pad Piece-cutting and Packing Machines
Corrugated Cardboard Box Wrapping and Packing Machines L-type Sealing Machines
Crowners (Capping Machines) Automatic Volume-measurement Can Filling Machines
Capsule Filling Machines P.T.P.-Type Tablet Packing Machines
Plaster Packing Machines Surgical Glove Packing Machines
Packaging Materials Automatic Bagging Machines
Cardboard Box Auto Gluing & Sealing Machines Automatic Chopsticks Packing Machines
Automatic Toothpick Packing Machines Automatic Tongue Depressor Packing Machines
Automatic Ice-cream Spoon Packing Machines Hot Melt Machines
Other Packing Machinery
Paper Making and Converting Machinery + 
Paper Making Equipment Turnkey Pulp Equipment
Pulp Molded Packages Making Machinery Machines for Paper Products
Sheeters Paper Converting Equipment
Parts for Paper Making Machines Paper-Cutting Machines
Slushing Equipment Paper and Cardboard Machines
Paper Finishing Equipment Paper Converting Plants
Paper Slitting Machines Double-Wire/Twin-Wire Paper Converting Machines
Paper Box Stitchers Paper Board Laminating & Coating Machines
Film Coating Machines for Pulp-Molded Products Deinking Machines
Wastepaper Processing Equipment Corrugated Cardboard Making Machines
Corrugated Carton Making Machines Paper Bag Making Machines
Multi-layer Kraft Paper Bag Making Machines Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machines
Cardboard Box Automatic Cutting and Creasing Machines Paper Egg Tray Making Machines
Cardboard Case Making Machines Auto Lunch Box Forming Machines
Paper Core Making Machines Paper Tube Making Machinery
Tube-Cutting Machines Angular Cardboard Making Machines
Paper Tissue Machinery Paper Napkin Making Machines
Toilet Paper Making Machines Facial Tissue Making Machines
Paper-Diaper Making Machinery Sanitary-Napkin Making Machinery
Wet Paper Towel Making Machines Toilet Paper Roll Making Machines
Pocket/Facial Tissue Making Machines Pen Making Machines
Pen Assembly Machines Other Paper Converting Machines
Printing Presses + 
Flexographic Printing Presses Screen Printing Machines
Auto Flat Screen Printers Pad Printing Machines
Hot Stamping, Printing & Embossing Machines Label Printing Machines
Parts for Printing Machinery Varnishing Machines
Embossing Machines Book Binding Machines
Printing Ink Making Machines Printing Material Supply
Screen and Stencil Machines Photogravure Machinery
Rotogravure Cylinder Process Equipment Sheet Photopolymer Plate Making Machines
Ink Jet Printers Woven-Bag Printing Machines
Letter Presses Rotogravure Printing Presses
Lithographic Printing Presses Metals Printing Presses
Plastic Printing Presses Cup-Printing Machines
Newspaper Printing Presses Business Card Printing Machines
Steel Sheet Printing Presses Carton Printing Machines
Cardboard Case Printing Machines Plastic Surface Treating Machines
Three-Roller Printing Ink and Paint Mills Calendering Machines
Laminating Machines for Printed Products Carton Pasting Machines
Industrial & Commercial Paper Shredders High-Speed Saddle-Wire Switchers
Thread Book Sewing Machines Rounding & Backing Machines for Books
Auto Tipping & Inserting Machines for Books Other Printing Machines
Textile Machinery + 
Doffers Ring Spinning Frames
Yarn Twisters Warping Machines
Sizing Machines Doubling Winders
Loom Winders Other Spinning Machinery
Circular Auto Bale-openers & Auto-tracking Bale Openers Auto Multi-Mixers
Warp Doubling Machines Reeling Machines
Auto Dumping Machines for Yarn Embroidery Machines
Embroidery Cutting Machines DTY/POY/FDY Tube Production Lines
Shuttleless Looms Raschel Knitting Machines
Circular Knitting Machines Socks Knitting Machines
Flat Knitting Machines Braiding Machines
Velcro Strap (Magic Tape) Weaving Machines Zipper Making Machines
Automatic Looms Wool Looms
Shuttle Change Looms Silk Looms
Towel Looms Hat & Scarf Knitting Machines
Glove Knitting Machines Pillow-Filling Machines
Quilt Making Whole-plant Equipment Fiber Ball Making Machines
Double-opening Fiber Machines Dyeing & Finishing Machines
Tensionless Dyeing Jiggers Textile Printing Machines
Sewing Machines Machinery for the Clothing Industry
Drying and Washing Equipment Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines
Needle Punching Machines for Nonwoven Fabric Other Textile Machines
Braid Rolling Machines Jacquard Needle Looms
Microcomputerized Flat Knitting Machines Cloth Pleating Machines
Cloth Trimming Machines Automatic Edge-Control Winding Machines
Label Making Machines Underwear Machinery
Fabric Packing Machines Fabric Embossing & Calendering Machines
Parts for Textile Machines Parts for Knitting Machines
Parts for Raschel Knitting Machines Parts for Dyeing & Finishing Machines
Parts for Sewing Machines Stenting Machines
Testing Dyeing Machines Cheese Pressing Machines
Cone Winders Round Nurse Cap Making Machines
Woven-Bag Cutting Machines Fabric Cutting & Opening Machines
Automatic Fabric Doubling Machines Dryers
Shearing Machines Raising Machines
Sewing Thread Winding Machines Brushing Machines
Coconut Fiber Making Machines Linking Machines
Eyeleting Machines Snap Fastening Machines
Band Cutting Machines Shoulder-Pad Making Machines
Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machines Ultrasonic Quilting Machines
Ultrasonic Slitting Machines
Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industries + 
Can Making Machines Machinery for the Feed Industry
Candy Making Machines Biscuit Making Machines
Pharmaceutical Machines Machinery for Milk and Milk Powder
Margarine Manufacturing Plants Machinery for Flour Mills
Machinery for the Starch Industry Machinery for the Sugar Industry
Machinery for Processing Tea Machinery for Processing Sodium Glutamate
Equipment for Sauce Making Plants Equipment for Salt Refining Plants
Equipment for Greenbrier Processing Plants Machinery for the Tobacco Industry
Bread Making Machines Roaster Ovens for Cakes
Hot-air Drying Machines Baking Ovens
Edible Oil Processing Plants Equipment for Bean-Curd Plants
Instant Noodle Making Machines Fish Ball Making Machines
Orange Juice Extractors Distilled Water Making Machines
Machines and Equipment for Beer Machines and Equipment for Juice Making Plants
Machines and Equipment for Soda & Cola Manufacturing Plants Preserve Making Equipment
Popcorn Making Machines Squid Thread Making Machines
Fish Peeling Machines Shell Grinding Machines for Beans, Corn, Sorghum, Millet, and Coffee Beans
Automatic Straw Packing Machines Vodka Freezers
Tomato Sauce Making Machines Coned Ice-Cream Making Machines
Ice-cream Making Machines Rice Biscuit Making Machines
Steamed Bread Making Machines Enzyme Making Machines
Sa-Chi-Ma Automatic Manufacturing Equipment Milk Processing Equipment
Dumpling, Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Making Machines Shu-Mai Making Machines
Automatic Frying Machines Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment
Fast-Food and Beverage Equipment Kitchen Machinery
Other Food Making Machines Automatic Vending Machines
Parts for Kitchen Machinery Parts for Food Making Machines
Slaughter-House Equipment Capsule Making Machines
Medical Adhesive Tape Making Machines Chinese Medicament Evaporators
Chinese Medicament Extraction Equipment Automatic Sugar and Film Coating Machines
High-Pressure Steam-Pasteurizing Machines Dish Washing Machines
Apparatus and Machinery for the Chemical Industry + 
Mixers Filters
Heat Exchangers Pelletizers
Kneaders Chemical Industry Machines and Parts
Water Treatment Equipment Paint and Dye Making Machinery and Equipment
Solvent Reclamation Devices Tri-chilled Roller Mills
Extractors Separators
Towers, Vessels & Related Equipment Centrifugal Separators
Filter Presses Vibro-Sieve Separators & Filters
Water Supply Machinery and Equipment Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Apparatus
Chlorinators Medicated Machines
Reverse Osmosis Systems Homogenizers
Active Carbon Absorption Equipment Chemical Fiber Machinery and Equipment
Vacuum Concentrators and Boiling Evaporators Biochemical, Chemical, Resin & Medical Reactors & Accessories
Organic Fertilizer Equipment Vertical Mills for Making Paint & Ink
Glue-making Machinery Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants
Petroleum Refining Equipment Other Chemical Machines
Woodworking Machinery + 
Woodworking Lathes Circular Sawing Machines
Double-End Miter Saws Tilting Arbor Table Saws
Horizontal Hydraulic Band Saws Band Sawing Machines
Jig Saws Planers
Multi-Side Planers Two-Side (Upper and Lower) Planers
Four-Side Multi-Spindle Planers, Molding Machines, 4-Side Molders Drilling/Boring Machines
Point-to-Point Drilling Machines for Woodworking Multi-Spindle Drilling Machines for Woodworking
Routers CNC Routers
Sanders Automatic Wide-Belt Surface Sanders
Cordless Grinders Sharpening Machines
Shapers for Woodworking Automatic Copy Shapers
Auto Copying Routers Automatic Round-Pole Shaping Machines
Combination Jointers & Planers Other Woodworking Machinery and Equipment
Bamboo Processing Machines Plywood Production Equipment
Paper Overlay Plywood Making Machines Feeding Attachments
Dust Collectors for Woodworking Spraying and Coating Equipment
Water Booths UV Curing Equipment
Lumber Dryers High-Frequency Wood/Rattan/Bamboo Gluing & Plying Machines
High-Frequency Wood Gluing Machines High-Frequency Wood Bending Machines
High-frequency Wooden-board-joining Machines High-Frequency Wooden Frame/Cabinet Assembly Machines
Triangular Tenoners Double-End Miter Molders
Four-Head Tenoners Spindle Shapers
Woodworking Machinery Parts and Accessories Woodworking Tools
Cutters and Knives Panel saws
Edge Banding Machines Tenon/Mortise Jointers
Carbon-fiber Dippers
Automated Machinery and Equipment + 
Peripheral Equipment for Automated Machinery Automatic Feeding Equipment
Automatic Assembly Machines Automatic Welding Equipment
Automatic Car Parking Equipment Automatic Material Handling Equipment
Auto-Feed Screw Driving Machines Hydraulic Automatic Machines
Pneumatic Automatic Machines Automatic Assembly Lines
Automatic Straighteners Automatic Ranging Systems and Peripheral Equipment
Industrial Robots & Accessories Electric Component Automatic Inserting Machines
Peripheral Equipment for Laser Cutting Machines Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines
CNC Laser Auto-Welders Vibratory Feeders
Automatic Control Systems Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)
Servo Systems for Automated Machinery Automatic Loading & Unloading Systems
Automatic Storage Systems Robot Lines for Stamping
Robots for Injection Molding Machines Mold Monitors
Used End-Production Machinery + 
Used End-Production Machinery
Other Industrial Machinery + 
Agricultural Machinery Leather Processing Machines
Medical Machines Incense Stick Making Machines
Ultrasonic Machines High-Frequency Machines
Comb, Brush and Toothbrush Making Machines Shoemaking Machines
Mining Machinery Stone Crushing Machines
Parts for Mining Machinery Machinery for the Ceramic Industry
Kiln Machinery Machinery for Building Materials
Stone Working Machinery Construction Machinery
Conveyor Systems Transportation Equipment
Conveyors Elevators
Cranes Parts for Material Handling Machinery
Parking Equipment Storage Equipment
Forklifts Extrusion Machines for Metal Products
Metal Melting & Processing Equipment Die-casting Machines
Turnkey Foundry Shops Heat-treating Furnaces
Surface Finishing Equipment Coating Equipment
Machinery for Forging Plants Heat Treatment Equipment
Ultrasonic Cleaners Paint Spraying & Coating Equipment
Brass / Aluminum Extruders Sand Blasting Machinery
High-pressure Parts Cleaners Pollution Abatement Equipment
Air Pollution Control Equipment Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Garbage Treatment Plants Noise Control Equipment
Dust Collectors Incinerators
Boilers Industrial Furnaces
Electronic & Electrical Machinery Wire & Cable Making Machines
Electric Machinery Electrical Power Machinery
Transformers & Parts Automated Equipment for Transformers and Rectifiers
Motors and Pumps Industrial Instruments & Equipment
Precision Machinery, Inspecting and Testing Equipment Inspecting / Measuring Instruments and Parts
Pressure Gauges Thermometers
Other Inspecting & Testing Machines Pumps, Fans (Blowers), Compressors, and Vacuum Pumps
Valves Laser Cutting Machines
Speed Reducers Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machinery
Generators Speed Increasers
Refrigerating Equipment Air-conditioning Equipment
Ice Making Machines Weighing Machines
Dryers Grinders and Crushers
Screening Machines Vibratory Machines
Breakers Special Industrial Machines
Turnkey Equipment Molds for Industrial Machines
Parts and Accessories for Industrial Machinery Quilting Machines
Lighting Machinery Laser Drilling Machines
Laser Marking Machines
Lathes + 
CNC Lathes Slant-bed-type CNC Lathes
Vertical-type CNC Lathes CNC Lathes With Milling Turrets
High-speed High-precision Two-spindle Two-turret Turning Centers CNC Lathes, Vertical Bed Type
CNC Automatic Lathes CNC Oval Turning Machines
Super-precision Compact CNC Lathes CNC Electronic Lathes
CNC Precision Lathes Turret Centers
Copying Lathes Center Lathes
Bench Lathes Heavy-duty Lathes
High-speed Precision Lathes Turret Lathes
Automatic Lathes Vertical Lathes
Ball Valve Turning Machines
Drilling Machines + 
CNC Drilling Machines CNC PCB Drilling Machines
CNC Turret Drilling Machines CNC Drilling & Tapping Machines
Double-column Type CNC Drilling Machines CNC Deep-hole Drilling Machines (Gun Drilling)
Vertical Drilling Machines Bench Drilling Machines
Radial Drilling Machines Multi-spindle Drilling Machines
Horizontal Drilling Machines Complex Machines (Drilling & Milling)
Drilling & Tapping Machines (Vertical/Horizontal) Turret Center Drilling Machines
Tapping Machines for Nuts Working Table
Milling Machines + 
CNC Milling Machines Bed Type CNC Milling Machines
CNC Copy Milling Machines CNC Planomilling Machines
CNC Vertical Milling Machines CNC Multi-Spindle Milling Machines
CNC Drilling & Milling Centers Vertical Milling Machines
Horizontal Milling Machines Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machines
Turret Vertical Milling Machines Profile Milling Machines
Milling Machines, Bed Type Heavy-duty Double-column Milling Machines
Engraving Machines CNC Engraving Machines
Grinding Machines + 
CNC Grinding Machines CNC Surface Grinding Machines
CNC Internal Grinding Machines CNC External Grinding Machines
CNC Centerless Grinding Machines CNC Profile Grinding Machines
CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machines
CNC Camshaft Grinding Machines Thread Grinding Machines
Surface Grinding Machines Vertical Wheel-Axle-Type Surface Grinding Machines
External Grinding Machines Internal Grinding Machines
Universal Grinding Machines Centerless Grinding Machines
Tool & Cutter Grinders Double-Column Grinding Machines
Crankshaft Grinding Machines Bench Grinders
Grinding & Finishing Machines Sand-Belt-Type Grinding & Finishing Machines
Vibratory Grinding & Polishing Machines Emery Cloth & Sand Cloth Buffing Machines
Lapping Machines Ball Valve Grinding Machines
Saw Blade Sharpeners
Sawing Machines + 
Band Saws, Vertical Type Band Saws, Horizontal Type
Hack Saw Machines Sawing Machines, Circular
Sawing Machines, Contour Auto Band Saw, Double-column Hydraulic Type
Auto Band Saw, Hydraulic Type
Machining Centers + 
Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal
Machining Centers, Vertical & Horizontal Vertical Machining Centers, Double-Column-Type
CNC Copy Machining Centers CNC 5-Axial Machining Centers
Housing-type 5-face Machining Centers 5-face Machining Centers, Double-column Type
CNC Machining Center with Rotary Workstations Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines
Boring & Milling Machines Cylinder Boring Machines
Deep-Hole Boring Machines Floor-Type Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines
Honing Machines Vertical Double-spindle Precision Boring Machines
Electric Discharge Machines + 
CNC Electric Discharge Machines CNC Wire Cutting Machines
CNC Drill Electric-discharge Machines Super Drill EDMs
Programmable Control (NC) Electric Discharge Machines
Boring Machines + 
CNC Boring Machines CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines
Shapers + 
CNC Double-Column Planers Shapers
Heavy-duty Double-Column Planers
Gear Cutting Machines + 
Gear Hobbing Machines Gear Shaping Machines
Gear Deburring Machines Gear Machines
Gear Shaving Machines
Broaching Machines and Slotting Machines + 
Broaching Machines, Vertical Broaching Machines, Horizontal
Slotting Machines
Metal Forming Machine Tools, Presses + 
Precision Power Presses CNC Power Presses
CNC Punch Presses PCB Punch Presses
IC Transfer Molding Presses Hydraulic Punch Presses
Pneumatic Presses High-speed Precision Power Presses
Hydraulic Hole-punching Presses Precision Small Presses
Safety Devices for Presses Overload Protectors for Presses
Automatic Feeding Equipment for Presses Presses, With Robot Feeders
Quick Die Changer Systems Forging Presses
Horizontal Forging Machines Riveting Machines
Tube/pipe Bending Machines Straightening Machines
Drawing Machines Shearing Machines
Bending Machines Crank Presses
Toggle Presses Sheet Metal Forming Machines
Pneumatic / Hydraulic Machinery Plate Rolling Machines
Cold Forging Presses Rotary-Type Tube Swaging Machines
Deep-Drawing Hydraulic Presses Hydraulic Shearing Machines
Hydraulic Positioning Press Brakes Hydraulic Press Brakes
Deep-Throat Universal Hydraulic Presses Sheet Metal Working Machines
Seam Formers Semiautomatic Hydrospinning Machines
Auto Hydraulic Iron-bar-molding Machines Crimping Machines
Thread Rolling Machines + 
Thread Rolling Machines Tapping Machines
Automatic Thread Turning Machines
Single-Purpose Machines and Special-Purpose Machines + 
Special-purpose Machines for Metal Cutting Ultrasonic Machines for Metalworking
High-Frequency Machines for Metal Working Special-purpose Machines for Automated Drilling, Boring & Tapping
Special-Purpose Machines for Secondary Processing Special-Purpose Machines for Honing Cylinders for Motorcycles and Machinery
Cutting Machines for Metalworking Cut-Off Saws, Grinding Wheel Machines
Automatic Angle Cutting Machines Multi-Blade Lap-Slicing Machines
Punch Grinders Chamfering & Deburring Machines
Etching Machines Other Metal Cutting Machines
Ball Valve Turning & Grinding Machines Dedicated C.V. Joint Machine
Cold Spline Shapers Spline Rolling Machines
Cold Rolling Machines Auto NC Basket-twisting Molding Machines
Assembly Machines
Castings + 
Sintered Powder Metallurgical Parts Forged and Stamped Parts
Stamped Parts Precision Stamped Accessories
Cast Machine Bases
Tools, Cutters, Molds and Dies + 
Jigs Fixtures
Chucks Circular Saw Blades
Vises Milling Heads
Angle Dressers Hydraulic Copy Devices
Lathe Centers Multi-spindle Heads For Drilling & Tapping
Standard Drilling Fixtures Drill Sockets
Collet Chucks Grinding Wheels
Sand Cloth Sand Paper
Diamond, CBN Tools and Cutters Tungsten Carbide Tools and Cutters
Molds & Dies Pressing Dies
Forging Dies Wire Drawing Dies
Die-casting Dies Casting Molds
Sintering Dies Combination-type Tools, Tool Cabinets, and Carriages
Water Jet Cutters Mills
Reamers Drills
Live Centers Mill Arbors
Milling Cutter Holders Milling Chucks
Boring Head Sets Edge Finders
Endmill Re-Sharpening Machines Drill Re-Sharpening Machines
Turning Tool Holders Boring Bars
Testing Equipment + 
Inspecting/Measuring Instruments and Parts Profile Projectors
Gauges Work Lamps
Balancing Machines
Piping Systems (Pipes, Valves, Fittings) + 
Cast Iron Pipes & Tubes Seamless Steel Pipes & Tubes
Welded Steel Pipes & Tubes Stainless-steel Pipes & Tubes
Copper Pipes & Tubes Aluminum Pipes & Tubes
Flexible Hoses Bellows
Quick-release Fittings Flanges
Machinery Parts and Components + 
Bearings Balls
Shafts, Couplings, Keys and Clutches Power (Hydraulic) Chucks
Multiangular Milling Heads Index Tables
CNC Rotary Tables Electromagnetic Chucks
Magnetic Bases Electro Chuck-Masters
Universal Joints Ball Screws
Springs Bolts, Screws, Nuts
Lubricators Mechanical Seals and Parts
Hand Wheels and Handles for Machinery Tool Pots and Automatic Tool Changers for Machining Centers
Electrode Heads, Parts and Accessories for EDMs Oil Coolers
Oil Mist Collectors Automatic Tool Changing Systems for CNC Machining Centers (ATC)
Floating-Oil Skimmers for NC Lathes Automatic Rod Feeding Equipment
Industrial Robots & Accessories Linear Actuators
Linear Guideways Motors
Gears Gear Motors
Optical Meters Industrial-Use Electric Clutches
Magnetic Clutches/Brakes Inverters
Shaft Couplings Spindles
Sheet Metal Enclosure Systems for Machine Tools Slideway Covers
Chip Conveyors Hydraulic Slides
CNC Feed Units Automatic Pallet Changers
Grease Pumps (Grease Guns) Roots Blowers
Compressors Coolers
Fully Automatic Grease Supply Systems Centralized Lubrication Systems
Precision Plastic Parts Precision Ceramic Parts
Roller Chains Precision Metalic Parts
Vacuum Pumps Drive Belts
Industrial Casters Resistors
Brake Linings for General Machines CNC Tool Turrets
Welder parts & Accessories Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Magnetic Clamping Blocks Lifting Magnets
Differential Gears Paints & Coatings for Machines
Machine Oil, Lubricant, Grease, Insulating Oil Cutting Fluids, Cooling Fluids
Ring Blowers Turbo Blowers
Other Machinery Parts and Components
Design and Installation of Auto-control Panels for Machinery + 
CNC Controllers for Machine Tools and Industrial Machinery CNC Program Generators/Simulators
Motion (Position) Controllers PC-Based Controllers
Servo Systems Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
Control Boxes Software (for CAD/CAM/CAE/FA/OA)
Programmable Logic Controllers Auto-control Panel for Machinery
Rapid Prototyping Machines NC Controllers
Sensors for Machines
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components + 
Hydraulic Components Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulic Piping Systems (Tube and Hose Assemblies) Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Accumulators Seals for Oil Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic Fluid Filters Rotary Hydraulic Cylinders
Solenoid Directional Control Valves Pressure Control Valves
Flow Control Valves Hydraulic Valves, Servo Type
Heat Exchangers for Hydraulic Systems Filters for Hydraulic Systems
Hydraulic Thermometers Pipe Fittings for Hydraulic Systems
Pneumatic Components Pneumatic Pumps
Air Compressors Pneumatic Valves
Pneumatic Piping Systems Pneumatic Cylinders
Pneumatic Motors Filters, Regulators and Lubricators for Pneumatic Equipment
Industrial-Use Pneumatic Vibrators Complete Pneumatic Control Systems
Filters for Air Compressors Air Guns
Solenoid Valves Hydraulic Solenoid Valves
Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Special Machine Tools + 
Metal-wire Products Working Machines Barbed Wire Making Machines
Wire-netting Weaving Machines Steel Needle Making Machines
Rivet Making Machines Nail Making Machines
Spring Coil Winding Machines Wire Rope Making Machines
Electric Cable Making Machines Other Wire Products Working Machines
Wire Straightening Machines (Auto Positioning and Cutting) Copper Wire Stranding & Twisting Machines
Wire Enameling Machinery Metal Stretch Net Making Machines
Universal Iron Workers Rolling Mills
Special-Purpose Machines for the Machining of Bicycle/Motorcycle Parts Special-purpose Machines for the Processing and Repair of Automotive Parts
Special-purpose Machines for Steel Structures Special-purpose Machines for Sheet-metalworking
Rim Making Machines Steel (Iron) Sheet/Coil Slitting Machines
Steel Sheet/Coil Leveling & Shearing Machines Wire Winding Machines, Automatic Wire Winding Machines
Necklace Making Machines Metal Hook and Ring Making Machines
Terminal Crimping Machines Automatic Cutting Machines for Small Hardware
Steel Plate Processing Machines Staple Making Machines
Gem Clip Making Machines Paper Pin Making Machines
Wire Hanger Making Machines Snap Fastening Machines
Slitter Knives Electric Wire & Cable Braiding Machines
Whirling Machines
Steel Pipe & Tube Making Machines + 
Steel Pipe & Tube Making Machines Pipe & Tube Threading Machines
Steel Pipe & Tube End-facing Machines Steel Pipe & Tube Hydrostatic Testers
Pipe & Tube Cut-Off Machines Tube/Pipe Bending Machines
Stainless Steel Tube Mills Tube Forming Machines
Auto Hydraulic Double-tube Shrinkers Pipe/Tube Rollers
Pipe Dies
Bolt, Screw & Nut Making Machines + 
Bolt, Screw & Nut Making Machines Heading Machines
Bolt Trimming Machines Bolt Slotting Machines
Bolt Threading Machines Nut Formers
Automatic Thread-rolling Machines Secondary Processing Machines for Special Nuts
Blind Rivet Assembly Machines
Welding and Cutting Machines + 
Gas-Operated Welding Machines Electric Welding Machines
Ultrasonic Welding Machines Spot Welders
Seam Welders High Frequency Metal Welding, Brazing & Soldering Machines
CNC Flame Cutting Machines Inverter-controlled Automatic CO2/Mag-welding Machines
DC TIG-Welding Machines Butt Welders
Flash Welders Automated Soldering/Cleaning Machinery and Equipment
High Frequency Induction Heating Machines Brake Cable/Steel Rope Welding Machines
Metallic Products + 
Steel/Iron Wires, Wire Ropes and Rods Steel Wire Ropes, Steel Wires
Buffed Steel Bars Nails and Rivets
Bolts & Nuts for General Purpose Aluminum Products
Copper (Brass) Products Stainless Steel
Tungsten Carbide Machine Mounts
Electroplating Services Metal Parts Processing
Used Machines + 
Used Machine Tools
Machinery-associated Services + 
Media and Other Services Certification Services
Machinery OEM/ODM Services
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